Comet Gear Goals
Our prayer is to unite our students, families and friends of Kalamazoo Christian. We want these products to inspire, support and communicate our love for our community. Finally, we would like to bring value while giving to the schools.

We hope to achieve this with an easy to use on-line store, with print on demand products, shipped directly to your door.

We respect our school! Wear the school brand as it matches the values of Kalamazoo Christian. Believe you are what you wear everywhere.  


How much of each order goes to Kalamazoo Christian?

  • After the cost of product + on-demand printing + card processing fees + shipping fees + website fees, there is a modest donation built into the price. 5-35% of the total sale is donated to Kalamazoo Christian Schools!
  • Limited Edition items are an exception. The Limited Edition donations go directly to the supported school fundraiser.
  • The comet gear volunteers are not paid.


    Order On-Line
    This site was created by a group of passionate volunteers that seek to promote and grow the KCSA community. This site is built using a widely known shopping cart solution called Shopify and several third party nationally known product fulfillment companies. Orders are processed by Shopify using their own payment system or PayPal. Payment fees, website fees and shipping fees have been added to the price of the product.

    Printing On-Demand
    We use reputable third party companies with the ability to do fulfillment. When an order is placed, the items are picked and printed as ordered after payment. This process takes a little longer. However, we do not have inventory stored in the schools. We also do not need a large volume of volunteers. We can offer more choices and as many design options as we can imagine.

    Shipping Direct
    The third party fulfillment companies are in multiple locations around the U.S. Each order has a unique shipping solution based on weight and location. Therefore, the most direct way of meeting everyone's needs is to ship directly to the address the user places in shipping address. Orders should NOT be sent to the schools. We do not want to confuse or put extra work on the offices. You can ship to a different location as a gift but please know it could have the school logo on the packaging.